Residential & commercial concrete services in Port Stephens


Concreting Driveway — Concreting Services in Port Stehens NSW
Nunny’s Concreting is a top provider of concreting services in Port Stephens and the surrounding areas. We are a fully licensed operation, utilising modern equipment, high-quality machinery, trained staff and an owner with three generations of concrete experience. You are getting the very best when you hire Nunny’s.
We provide services that include:
  • Residential & commercial concreting
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Driveways & pathways
  • Patios & pool surrounds
  • Polished concrete
  • House & shed slabs
  • Formwork


Nunny’s Concreting is the expert provider of high-quality concrete services in Port Stephens and surrounding areas.

A family-owned business with three generations of industry experience, we use exceptional materials, high-end machinery and trained specialist staff to deliver outstanding results on all concreting jobs.
We can handle the installation, maintenance and repair of any concrete structure, including driveways, paths, patios, slabs, extensions, carport floors, pool surrounds, retaining walls, kitchen floors, garage floors and more.
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Exposed aggregate is a particular type of decorative concrete made with natural stones that are hand-seeded into the concrete base. The stones can come from river beds, quarries and other sources.

The perks of exposed aggregate include an exceptional aesthetic. When someone drives up to a house with an exposed aggregate driveway or pathway, they immediately take notice of its beauty, class and charm.
Nunny’s Concreting has the expertise, materials and equipment to complete a fantastic exposed aggregate installation. We work with home and business owners to design the perfect exposed aggregate concrete structure that exceeds your wildest dreams.
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Nunny’s Concreting specialises in residential driveways and pathways made from concrete. We take steps to ensure that your driveway not only looks good at completion but for the next 20 years.

Concrete is a durable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing material for a driveway. It adds to curb appeal, can handle any amount of foot and car traffic, and allows for a variety of textures, colours and patterns.
We work with homeowners to design and lay down the perfect concrete driveway or pathway to exceed your expectations.
Driveways  — Concreting Services in Port Stehens NSW


Nunny’s Concreting can pave polished concrete by using heavy-duty polishing machines, along with superior materials. The result is concrete with a level of shine and smoothness that is not present in regular concrete.

While there are no published standards for polished concrete, we focus on concrete polishing through a sequence of disks that results in roughly 400-3000 grit diamonds. With such grit levels, you see a glossy sheen and high reflectivity without any need for a coating.
Polished concrete is perfect for indoor residential and commercial floors.
Polished Concrete  — Concreting Services in Port Stehens NSW


Nunny’s Concreting is happy to take on commercial work for local businesses. We can handle footings, foundations, site and building retaining walls, slabs on grade, concrete floors, heavy-duty paving, placing and finishing for pathways, hardscapes and driveways and any other concrete-related job.
Our experience in the industry and local area allows us to work seamlessly to your design specifications.
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