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Concreting services in Port Stephens


Nunny’s Concreting offers reasonably priced and high-quality concrete services to residential and commercial customers.

A fully licensed business, we are the qualified tradesmen you can trust for a new construction or renovation project in Port Stephens and the surrounding areas. Our reputation for excellence precedes us. When customers hear of Nunny, they know the quality they are getting.

Comprehensive concreting services

Our team can cover every type of concrete service, including formwork, house and shed slabs, driveways, pathways, patios, pool surrounds, renovations, new home builds, exposed aggregate, commercial concreting and more.
We have the talent, training, experience and equipment to handle your job without a hitch. A customer focused company, we care about delivering the very best to our local clients. Much of our business comes from repeat customers who were impressed by the exceptional work we did for them in the past.

Modern concreters

Despite our decades of experience in the concreting industry, we are very open to new techniques and technologies. It gives our business an edge over the competition. When you hire Nunny’s, you know that you are getting the very latest methods for a superior result. Our team also ensures that we lay down your concrete at the most opportune time, as the temperature can have a significant impact on the job.
If you require driveway repairs, a brand new patio installation or commercial concreting work, contact Nunny’s Concreting in Port Stephens today.
Modern Concretes — Concreting Services in Port Stehens NSW


Nunny’s Concreting is the number one provider of superior concrete services in Port Stephens and the surrounding area.

Whether you need work done on your residential driveway, house and shed slabs, pathways, patios or pool surrounds, we are here to help.

Our rates are affordable, we use the best excavator, digging and finishing equipment, and complete jobs with fully trained staff. When you hire Nunny’s, you get the very best.

We take on complex jobs

While we are a local, family owned business, we have no trouble taking on bigger jobs. We can handle anything, from lawn locker sheds to commercial floor installations. We provide maintenance and repairs on all concrete structures, while any work from our company comes with a full warranty.
Concrete Structures — Concreting Services in Port Stehens NSW

Generations of experience

As third generation concreters, concrete is in our blood. My father was a concreter, and so was my grandfather. It is a job I know like the back of my hand, having grown up around it.

As a family-owned business, we care about the value we are providing every client. We take pride in fulfilling a job to the very end. When you hire Nunny’s, you will not have to hire another contractor to finish part of the work. We design the structure, buy the necessary equipment, dig and excavate, and fill in the concrete.
Nunny’s Concreting can handle everything from basic concreting to exposed aggregate to polished concrete to formwork. We have modern equipment, machinery, trained staff members and a commitment to customer service. Call us today for a no-obligation quote.